EMBARK on an action-adventure which spans many spectra of design and genre. Though largely driven by storytelling, it incorporates modern ideas to provide a fresh experience for each of us, each time it's played.

Our goal is to cultivate immersion which appeals to all manner of gamers: a place where your decisions have a measurable impact on the world around you, limited only by your creativity; which demands skillful execution and attention to detail; and which allows players power over the game's content to play the game their way.

Two worlds torn asunder during the age of magic will soon to be reunited. Great forces once again pull the strings of fate in a story that has been passed down through the ages.


Long ago a single hero rose to lead her people in the face of darkness that cast it’s shadow over the minds of men. Her victory brought a peace to the world of Tallagone for 2000 years. Now the same evil that once poisoned the spirit of men’s heart has returned, and with it, the dawn of a new age. The righteous seek the hero prophesied in the ancient text, but will she arise? Will the nations unite together and face the world to come? Or has the darkness taken root too deeply? This is their story…

Similar to old classics, all items are a resource. They can be crafted for better items and upgraded along your journey or traded in for valuable coin.  The land is scattered with ancient rings, necklaces, relics and crystals. Each of which has its own attributes that interact with the base stats of the player, creating multiple avenues of character building.

We have went to great lengths to make your experience in Tallagone a unique one. There are many different enemy types and encounters found inside our game. Each one is designed to make the game feel fresh and challenging as you progress in both skill and difficulty.  We took pages from the great games of the SNES such as Zelda and Super Metroid, mixing them with new mechanics scattered throughout the Indie scene, including a few crafted by us.  The battle system on conjunction with the attribute and inventory system creates an atmosphere of experimentation where there are both risks and rewards. 

Behind every great game is a great fishing mini-game

We are of a firm belief that the fishing mini-game is a sacred element to any great game. 

Spirits of Tallagone is no exception. We have added so many unique fishing spots and items you can dredge up out of the lakes, it will feel like a game all on its own. 

Be careful though, some of the fish don't like it when you catch their friends, be weary of the big shadows lurking just beneath the surface of the water. 

     We are currently hard at work creating a Spirits of Tallagone demo. Our small team is bringing a giant universe into existence. We don't want to give away any spoilers before you are able to play the demo, but we need your support.  Tallagones coffers run dry because Montoya forgot to collect taxes. Join our mailing list to help us regain the support of the people and be one of the first to donate to our Kickstarter. 

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