The year is 2190 AV.

Arch Champion Anderhil Leninmil, who bows to the great Prime Inanhil in the council, receives an executive order to conquer the planet of Artelhalm. As the elite of the empire salute and cheer for him, they choose a new name for the planet before it is brought to the fold. Anderheim. The first Phoenix offensive of fifteen centuries is about to begin.

Veramarth: Lords of Anderheim is a turn based tactics RPG in which battles are influenced by the tides of war. Allocate resources and plan your grand strategy, then conduct the Phoenix champions and their armies in card-based tactical combat with stressful and brutal consequences.

Lords of Anderheim is based on the independent works of Sepehr Ashraf "Ash" Kashani and the ever expanding universe of Veramarth. His vision will be brought to life by the talented artistic team at Solaria Entertainment. See updates on our progress on our official Twitter page!

We're creating a fun, engaging game that takes away from the brutality of the novel and sheds a different light on the conquest of Anderheim. we've gathered people from all around the world to add the Stoneveil touch, polish and creativity to the dark universe of Veramarth. you will lead the "Hero" of the story, and his companions throughout their journey to their destiny, and connect with the already developed characters and story line.

sword of Krassus
sword of aprius
Storm Of Light
solas victune
Solas Hellion
Piercing Stare1
rapid healing
Ios explotion
light channel
Holy fire
Initiation of light
Hellion trail
Hellion storm
hellion orbs 3
hellion encirclement2
Hellion Barrage
Guardian Angel
God Ray
eye surge
eye beam
Bulwark of Angels
0E0stillian Gift
bulkaw of light
SET 3 - 7
SET 3 - 4
SET 3 - 6
SET 3 - 5
SET 3 - 3
SET 3 - 1
SET 3 - 2
Incineris SET 2 - 7
Incineris SET 2 - 6
Incineris SET 2 - 5
Incineris SET 2 - 4
Incineris SET 2 - 3
Incineris SET 2 - 4(1)
Incineris SET 2 - 2
Helion surge
hellion slash
Hellion barrier
Hellion bolt
Hellion leap
Copy of soldier_weapons
Copy of soldier_clean_blod
Copy of new_concept_grey
Copy of spears
Copy of new_concept
Tower of Champions
Copy of axes
Copy of hulkish_concepts
Copy of soldier_clean
Copy of shields

As artists we aim to bring the epicness and grandness of the Veramarth universe, drawing inspiration from classic imagery like Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones while pushing a bit more on the fantastical side of things. Expect to see a lot of huge environments and grand scale pieces that will give you an insight of what to expect in the vast realms of Anderheim and more.


Facundo  Moyano (dartbaston)

Lead Artist

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